Tenterfield Terrier Club of Queensland 

President: Jenny Chambers

Phone: 0411 056 332

Email: jennyc6565@gmail.com


Vice President: Graham Kieseker

Phone: 0402 026 966

Email: graham.kieseker@gmail.com


Secretary: Mary Holt

Phone: 07 5494 9993

Email: tenterfieldterriers@hotmail.com


Treasurer: Robyn Ladlow

Phone: 0439 111 142

Email: tentys101@gmail.com


Website Editor: Fran Smith

Phone: 0459 176 408

Email: coolamintenties@gmail.com


Postal Address:

The Tenterfield Terrier Club of Qld Inc.

P.O. Box 43


Regional Queensland Contacts

Far North Queensland

Les Walmsley

Phone: 07 4095 8260

Email: tinaroo2@bigpond.com



Interstate Clubs

Tenterfield Terrier Club of New South Wales

President: Julie Spears     Email: info.ttcnsw@gmail.com

Secretary: Fran Smith    Email: secretaryttcnsw@gmail.com

Web Site: 


Tenterfield Terrier Club of Victoria

Web Site: www.tenterfieldterrierclubvic.com


Tenterfield Terrier Club of South Australia

President: Maureen Schutt

Web Site: www.tenterfieldsa.com


Tenterfield Terrier Club of Western Australia

President: Gary Fulton

Web Site: http://tenterfieldterrier.info/



National Tenterfield Terrier Council 

NTTC Web site:  http://www.tenterfieldterrieraust.com

President: Maureen Schutt - Tenterfield Terrier Club of South Australia

Phone: 08 8529 2331

Email: maureen@gumhavenkennels.com


Vice President: Mary Holt - Tenterfield Terrier Club of Queensland

Phone: 07 5494 9993 or 0416 127 337

Email: dimah@bigpond.com


Secretary / Registrar / Treasurer - Debbie Lambert - Tenterfield Terrier Club of Western Australia

Phone: 0411 361 858

Email: kiowah2222@yahoo.com.au



Other Links

DogzOnline Tenterfield Terrier Breed Index   http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/community/tenterfield-terrier.asp


National Tenterfield Terrier Council Australia http://www.tenterfieldterrieraust.com


Development Register Information http://www.tenterfieldterrieraust.com/