2019 Specialty Show

Open & Championship Show

4th May 2019

Judge Champ Show: Mrs Coral Gray (SA)

Judge Open Show: Ms Melody Darragh


Champ Show Baby Puppy Dog line up


Renaylbysh Lecky

Atenta Tigars Dream & Renaylbysh Manny

Champ Show - Intermediate Bitch:

Nudimah Verity In Vogue

Coolamin Jack O Hearts


Atenta the Cowboy

Champ Show - Minor Puppy Bitch:

Charbon Radiant Light 

handled by J Chambers

Champ Show - Baby Puppy Dog:

Wandji Red Knight 

handled by M. Holt

Champ Show - Neuter in Show:

Ch. Gumhaven Arpege

Aluala Fudgeberry Golden Sun

handled by N Burton

Nudimah Lady Louella, Charbon Rockin It Solo

& Numerrijig Natinal Velvet

Champ Show - Best Bitch in Show:

Nudimah Victorias In Vogue


Champ Show - Minor Puppy in Show:

Charbon Radiant Light

handled by J Chambers


Renalybush Sugar Plum

handled by R Ladlow

Nudimah Captains Call

handled by C Chambers


Renaylbysh Rafiki

handled by R Ladlow


Champ Show - Best In Show:

Ch. Nudimah Viscount In Vogue

Ch. Charbon Classic Dove

Atenta Chiquitita For Luck

handled by J. Spears

Gumhaven Dare To Dream

handled by M Oberle

Champ Show - Intermediate in Show: Ch. Coolamin Sunshine Man

Champ Show - Neuter Bitch in Show

Ch Gumhaven Arpege

handled by C. Bourke with judge, C. Gray


Charbon Rockin It Solo


Champ Show - Best State Bred in Show:

Nudimah Lady Louella

handled by M. Holt

Gumhaven Dare To Dream

handled by M Oberle


Nudimah Harrison the Knight

handled by M Holt

Aluala Fudgeberry Golden Sun handled by N Burton

Wandji King Arthur with K Cero

Renaylbysh Lecky with A Ladlow

Champ Show - Aust Bred Bitch:

Ch. Charbon Dove By Design

handled by J Chambers

Coolamin Jack O Hearts

handled by F Smith

Champ Show - Junior Bitch: Nudimah Ima Prima Donna

handled by K Cero

Champ Show Challenge Dog line up:

Champ Show - Baby Puppy Dog line up:

Wandji Red Knight, Wandji King Arthur & Renaylbysh Lecky

Champ Show - Neuter Bitch & RU:
Ch. Gumhaven Arpege & Neut Ch. Atenta Tina Sparkles with judge C. Gray

Ch. Nudimah Tiara In Vogue

Renallybush Manny

handled by R Ladlow with judge, C Gray 

Mygitano Shimmer N Shine

handled by D Goodwin

Champ Show - Bitch Challenge line up:

Nudimah Lady Louella, Ch. Nudimah Tiara In Vogue, Renaylbysh Sweet Lucy

Renaylbysh Sweet Lucy

handled by A Ladlow


Renaylbysh Sugar Plum


Champ Show - Best Junior In Show:

Nudimah Harrison The Knight

Champ Show - Challenge Dog line up: Renalybysh Rafiki , Coolamin Sunshine Man, Nudimah Harrison The Knight & Nudimah Captains Call

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Renaylbysh Lecky

with A Ladlow

Unfortunately, no photos of the Championship Show winners were taken on the podium due to heavy rain at the conclusion of the show  

Ch. Charbon Classic Dove


Ch. Nudimah Viscount In Vogue

Champ Show - Puppy Bitch:

Numerrijig National Velvet

Ch. Gumhaven Arpege


Open Show - Best Exhibit:

Ch. Nudimah Viscount In Vogue

with E. Sommerville & judge, M. Darragh


Open Show - Best Bitch:

Ch. Nudimah Victorias In Vogue

with M. Holt & judge, M. Darragh


Atenta The Cowboy

 Open Show - Baby Puppy In Show:

Wandji King Arthur

Open Show -  Best Aust Bred:

Atenta Corona

with P. Clarke &  judge, M. Darragh

  Open Show -  Best Neuter:

Neut Ch. Atenta Tina Sparkles with D. Draper & judge, M. Darragh

Nudimah Ima Prima Donna

handled by E Sommerville

Atenta Corona