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Breed Standard Colours

White & Black  

White & Black with tan markings - on face / body

White & Tan - black nose and eye line

White & Tan with black markings - on face / body

White & Liver  - liver nose & eye line

White & Liver with tan markings - on face / body

White & Blue - black nose and eye line

White & Blue with tan markings - on face / body

Black & White- No tan on face or body

Black & White Tricolour - note tan markings on face / body

Liver & White - note liver nose and eye line

Tan & White - note black nose & eye line

Blue & White Tricolour - note tan on face

Blue and White - No tan on face or body

Liver & White Tricolour mum with Blue & White Tricolour pup, Liver  & White Tricolour pup  and Black & White Tricolour pup